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Motivation Employees Is Especial Priority

Leadership Series : Motivation Employees Is Especial Priority

Becoming effective leader to a organization it is of course is not easy. A lot of membership / responsibility they which must master; and big so expectation of others they which must shoulder to make its organization so that success.

Leader have to have mission and vision, where they will bring its team. They are expected can respect sincerity value and integrity. They accountable for know duties of employees or department which direct him. They also obliged to become a smart, nippy, coherent, innovating and others.

All the things is important factor to become successful leader. But if we have to chosen most important duty of leader, in general its answer is to: Motivating employees.

Especially for leader mounted is middle-level of manager ( what direct an team or department), after them determine target / goal of its department, making / correcting working procedure, last recruit officer etcetera. Duty hereinafter is to motivate employees to be reached departmental goal

Frequently more leader play around with to observe its staff, from motivating them. Some leader like to observe hour how much/many its employees enter job/activity, checking do them wear computer to work or open personal of enamel, or even nguping me do its staff converse to be phoned with or customer of si-pacar.

In fact if us consider deeperly, employees which [is] its high motivation, needn't too observed / to be arranged again. They will come timely job/activity, even if spirit of high once, they possible have ' [do] not hold up' to return to work. highly motivated employees see its itshis as an easiness, is not compulsion. They usually always think positively; difficulty of work is challenge to they, no matter.

Motivating is to action which [is] proaktif, while observing / arranging usually a[n action which [is] reaktif. effective leader will motivate employees, before saturated them / confuse with its its[his]. And if have tired with the, the employees will become lazyly / negligence, so that we have to observe / arrange its performance. On the contrary high employees [of] its motivation, can arrange their/his self, big [of] its initiative, even they usually have many ideas ( berinovasi) to increase our team performance.

Motivating [is] a[n is skilled.

Much the same to skilledly communicate, wearing computer, piloting vehicle etcetera. Progressively often we learn and exercise to motivate others, effective progressively motivation which we give. There [is] two matter we which must remember in giving motivation: We have to be heartfelt ( employees can know do spirit [of] which we give [is] heartfelt matter of our liver, or only platitude). Last sometimes we have to change ( taylor-fit) of[is way of us give motivation ( each and everyone, way of motivating [him/ it] earn differently, depended [is] its personality).

Under this [is] some method example [of] to give effective motivation: Giving felicitation, direct to employees. If you [is] Departmental Head and or CEO / presdir, will very impress to a employees if sudden you visit [him/it] to congratulate of its labour capacity.

Congratulating to [pass/through] telephone, sms, enamel or memo. Otherwise possible to you to meet direct with employees which [is] have achievement. You earn [doing/conducting] [him/ it] [pass/through] telephone, sms, enamel or letter. Letter / enamel you needn't length, but better be mentioned [by] what employees achievement.

Rewarding [in front/ahead] of other [job/activity] friend. Leader can perform [a] meeting with entire/all officer, to reward to team or employees which have reached special achievement / unique. But beware of in [doing/conducting] the way of this, caused by one who exactly lose face if praised publicly. We better advise them ahead plan the meeting

Giving promotion of bedasarkan performance, is not favoritism. Ensuring that promotion system [in] your organization really pursuant to result of employees performance. Officer which [is] have high achievement [to], will have bigger opportunity to get promotion.

If favoritism us, or [do] not give dubious to which [do] not have achievement, indirectly [the] mentioned will make disappointedly [of] employees which [is] its performance [of] goodness ( its motivation will go down).

Wearing emulation to motivate our team. Each;Every organization it is of course vie with other company in reaching success / business goals. This emulation can wear as a means of to motivate our team to become tired or better more than competition. Many CEO / presdir of company residing in position of nomer two or its three industry, making its team [of] him become more motivating and hard work to increase sale, than sales grup for company which [is] nomer one.

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