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Type 4 Human face pressure Lifestyle

"All difficulties surely a chance for us to grow the soul" (John Gray) 

Readers, life is not free from various pressures. Further-more, in nature, modern life is presenting a variety of risks. Until a sociologist Ulrich Beck call this era of contemporary society with the risk (risk society). Modern natural changes quickly and serve no less surprising. 

Now, pressure is indeed formed character, characters, and simultaneously determine how people react in the future. Readers, on this occasion, I will explain the four types of people in these various pressures. Let us study one by one type of human pressure in this life.

The first type, the type of wood brittle. Just a little pressure to make this man a broken charcoal. This kind of person kesehariannya look good. But, once in a fragile heart. People complain that this is easy on the 
when difficulties occur. 

Little difficulty menjumpainya, people complain that this straight, do not feel powerless, cry, be pitied or have requested assistance. People need to practice this level-the positive and face the facts of life. 

Time magazine had to present the topic generation pupa (cacoon generation). Time to take the example in Japan, where many people become very weak because of not having difficulties. Facing these kinds of people, sometimes we have to be more brave tega. Occasionally they need to be having difficulties in learning. Posisikan us as their assistants. 

The second type, the type of iron plates. This type of person is usually able to survive in the pressure in the first place. However, as iron, when the situation is more complex and big, crooked, and he began 
not stable. Similarly people type this. They were able to face pressure, but not in drag. 

Just a little extra pressure, to make them surrender and despair. Fortunately, this type of people still want to try to survive before finally surrendering. Type of steel plates are still not trained. But, if 
would like to try, this person will be able to build success in their life. 

Third type, type of cotton. This type is quite flexible in the face pressure. When pressure comes, the person is able to be flexible. Try pressing your sebongkah cotton. He will follow the pressure going. 
He was able to adjust when going pressure. But, after the pass, he can quickly return to its original state. He can soon forget the past and begin to return to the starting point to start again. 

Fourth type, type of human ping pong ball. This is the ideal type and greatest. Never pass pressure on these people because there would be pressure to make their work more enterprising, more motivated and more creative. Try to note the ping pong ball. When pressed, he would memantuk up with even more awesome. I remember the story of life motivator Anthony Robbins in one of biografinya. 

To motivate himself, he deliberately buy a luxury building, while the money is not adequate. But, this is the financial pressure would make himself a more creative and reach the level tertantang 
financial diharapkannya. This never happens with a head of the regional sales performance is excellent. 

Build network 

However, the results make this one do not like. As a result, it is the one who deliberately less like him move to a more severe condition. However, not complain as 
previous colleagues in the region. In fact, he seeks to build netwok, change the way work, and tidy up the organization. In the second year in the area, thus successfully place the entry in top three sales. 

Another example is the novelist Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky. In the winter, he was in prison in the prison with the wind whipping the cold, dirt floor seinci full thickness, and the work force every day. He herring-like fish in cans. However, Siberia is not successful frozen silent kreativitasnya. 

From there he delivered the papers to write large, such as The Double and Notes of The Dead. He became the world of letters. It also experienced the Ho Chi Minh. Vietnam ordinary people who are called uncle Ho 
This must be confined in prison. But, the prison did not make himself a broken charcoal. He struggled with the poems that he wrote. A blanket Comrade Paper into the paper kondangnya fruit. 

Well, readers, it's just a small example. It is important now is you. When you encounter difficulties, such as whether you? How do you react? Not a problem where you at this time. 
However, a significant level of bergeraklah fragile type of wood to the next type. Until the end, you wake up to the mental level of ping pong ball. When that is, difficulty and challenge is no longer a 
a thrill for you. Itukah mentally strong as you? 

Source: 4 Type of Human Life face pressure by Anthony Dio Martin

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