Senin, 16 November 2009

Build Life

Every thought that occurred, whether it's good or bad, will build your character. Just like bricks are arranged one above the other, to build a house - as well as your mind set on top of one another. Every time, every time when you are thinking. Whether intentionally or not.

Who you are, what you achieve, you find satisfaction, how your perspective of yourself, it all depends on the thoughts that build your life.

Every thought, every time, can strengthen the building yourself. No one worth any achievement suddenly appeared. Everything must be built. Step by Step. And you have the power to establish what kind of life you want. The power comes from the place you live, the choices you make, the actions you are doing.

Your choice determines what kind of building you make.

Currently, you are building your life. Currently, you are making a difference in your life path. When this is the golden period to change your future. Have you use it ...?

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